Why ArtSpace?

One of our beliefs is that arts offers a window to our soul and our consciousness, it reflects our emotions and helps each of us connect to our inner selves, leading to a process of engagement.

This is why art is central to our proposal to foster more human and sincere relationships with our selves and those with whom we relate.

For many people our website is their first contact with our firm and our ideas, for this reason it seemed only natural to us to incorporate this vision into our website.  We have invited contemporary artist from very diverse backgrounds to share some of their works, each of which in a unique way  offers us their perspectives of a “Better World”. Each month we will showcase the work of a new artist. We hope you will  be sensitive to their language, ideals and utopias, also contributing in some small way to making the web a better place.

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Wishing you a wonderful and fruitful time,

The People 4 A Better World team

Current Work

» Eduardo Srur Dec. 2012

São Paulo

Eduardo Srur has begun his career as a visual artist with painting and since 2002 has started investigating new medias such as photography, sculpture, video, performance, installation and urban intervention.

His current production is characterized by temporary exhibitions in public space that alter the landscape of the city and question the social system in a critical and humorous way.

He is the creator of works as ‘Anchor’, in Monumento as Bandeiras, ‘Bandit Bull’, at the Cow Parade, ‘Kayaks’ in the Pinheiros River, and ‘Angels Camp’, in Women’s Hospital, in Sao Paulo, among other works.

Srur carried out works in public spaces and cultural institutions in Brazil and abroad. He participated in exhibitions in France, Switzerland, Spain, Holland, England, Germany, Italy and Cuba.

Srur lives and works in Sao Paulo.



The urban intervention creates an open air art gallery, allowing the population to experience artistic manifestations in everyday life.

Free access and simple concept, stimulates endless interpretations and aesthetic experimentation in different social groups and age groups.

It also offers to the new generations a closer contact with the universe of contemporary art. The urban intervention promotes greater engagement with the art world and proposes to transform the daily lives of thousands of individuals in each exposure. When designing interventions, Srur breaks the limits of the art system andexpands the presence of art in society.

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Past Work

» Tulio Pinto

Brasília, DF, Brazil 1974

Túlio Pinto was born in Brasilia in 1974. He currently lives and works in Porto Alegre where he studied Visual Arts with an emphasis on sculpture. His first solo exhibition in 2003 was held at the Sala José Cândido de Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro. Amongst the eleven exhibitions of Pinto’s career features a hugely successful European show at the Por Amor à Arte gallery in Porto, Portugal. Today, alongside his paintings, he produces installations and, as co-founder of the artist’s studio Subterrânea, is a curator of Brazilian contemporary art.

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Fulano de Tal

Picture name, 2012